The Four Types of Hearing Loss

September 8, 2021

While hearing loss can range from mild to profound, there are four classifications that all hearing losses fall under including sensorineural, conductive, mixed (sensorineural and conductive) and auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder.

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7 Holiday Celebration Tips for Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

November 12, 2019

With all the holiday commotion, it’s easy for children who are deaf and hard of hearing to feel sidelined as they watch everyone around them take part in the festivities.

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Tips to Teach Your Child Manners

October 16, 2019

When it comes to teaching your child manners, the process is easier said than done. Hear from Marge Edwards, an LSL professional and Mom of two boys with hearing loss who’s been in the trenches of the LSL journey, and came out with tips to help you teach your conversationalist manners and social-confidence.

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Auditory Verbal Therapy vs. Speech Therapy

August 23, 2019

Auditory Verbal Therapy and Speech Therapy are 2 types of early intervention programs designed to help children better communicate with the world around them.

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Is Your Child on Track with Their Development? What You Need to Know About Developmental Milestones

August 10, 2019

While children grow and develop at different rates, most pass through an identifiable skill “set” along the way. Think when your baby sat up, crawled and walked as examples.

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Keep Your Child’s Hearing Technology on While Traveling

July 25, 2019

Learn tips to help you keep your child’s hearing technology on while traveling across all the ages and stages of their development.

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Tips to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary

July 12, 2019

Time spent traveling provides the perfect opportunity to expand your child’s vocabulary. Use these travel tips to build your child’s listening, talking and literacy skills while you’re on the go!

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How to Incorporate Learning into Summer Adventures

June 25, 2019

Fun summer adventures can help your child who is deaf or hard of hearing grow and expand their language while making lasting memories. Learn how you can create intentional Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) learning opportunities for your child this summer.

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Serve and Return: The Early Childhood Development Strategy You Need to Know

May 22, 2019

Serve and return is a foundation of a good tennis match, but what does it have to do with communicating with your child? More than you might think! Learn why this communication technique is crucial in early brain development among babies.

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5 Ways You Can Become Your Child’s Best Teacher

March 11, 2019

Learn five tips that can help parents become their baby’s first teacher for learning, listening and spoken language.

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Spanish Speech-Language Pathology for Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

February 21, 2019

Research suggests that children who are deaf and hard of hearing learn better when they are able to communicate in their home language which is why we introduced our Spanish Speech-Language Pathology services in 2015.

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How to Make Listening Easier for Your Child with Hearing Loss at Home

February 10, 2019

Parents have the power to manage listening environments so their children who are deaf and hard of hearing can fully participate in daily interactions with peers, family and community members. Here are some tips to help you create an optimal listening environment in one of the most important classrooms for Listening and Spoken Language (LSL), your own home!

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A Simple 5-Minute Routine to Help Your Child Listen and Talk

January 15, 2019

The simple morning routine known as 'Take Five' can set the stage for a lifetime of listening, reading and talking!

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