Self-Advocacy Skills for Children with Hearing Loss

July 12, 2021

At the CCHAT Center, creating independence for children with hearing loss is one of our ultimate goals. This includes the development of self-advocacy skills that help build confidence as students prepare to return to mainstream schools.

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Improving the Mainstream Classroom For Deaf Children Post COVID-19

July 9, 2020

As we return back into classrooms in the fall, it’s important not to forget everything we’ve learned during our time at home.

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Should You Be Using Hearing Assistive Technology in the Classroom?

September 23, 2019

Even when wearing high-quality assistive hearing devices that have been carefully calibrated by professional audiologists, your students might still have difficulty processing auditory information in certain settings.

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Assistive Technology for Children with Hearing Impairment in the Classroom

August 22, 2018

when a school is unfamiliar with hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other assistive devices, educators often have difficulty anticipating their students’ needs, so how do we solve that?

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