CCHAT’s Baby & Me Program

The Baby & Me Program offers training, guidance and support to parents of the very youngest children who are deaf or hard of hearing while teaching them the foundation for their child's speech and language development. Participation can start immediately after early diagnosis.

Also included are individual modules on:

  • Language, speech and auditory therapy 

  • Cochlear implant and hearing aid training 

  • Audiological education and management 

  • Parent support and caregiver workshops 

Throughout the program, you’ll work closely with every department at CCHAT to ensure your infant receives comprehensive exposure to a broad range of learning environments and situations. Baby & Me is staffed by Parent/Infant Advisors who hold advanced degrees and are experts in pedagogical instruction for newborns who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Baby & Me actively involves educational and medical professionals who collectively monitor your child’s language development as he or she moves through the program. Baby & Me is parent-focused, child-driven and results-oriented to ensure your newborn receives the requisite foundation for lifelong learning and growth.

Enrollment is open to all babies (aged 0 to 18 months) and their primary caregivers. Participation can begin immediately after early diagnosis from your newborn’s hearing test.

Discover more about Baby & Me and its impact on families like yours by downloading our printable flier:

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