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The Baby & Me (Parent/Infant) Hearing Program

Baby & Me teaches you how to help your newborn develop his or her communication skills through auditory awareness and spoken language. Held weekly for 1 to 2 hours, each session revolves around everyday life experiences that involve you and your child.

Also included are individual modules on:

  • Language, speech and auditory therapy 

  • Cochlear implant and hearing aid training 

  • Audiological education and management 

  • Parent support and caregiver workshops 

Throughout the program, you’ll work closely with every department at CCHAT to ensure your infant receives comprehensive exposure to a broad range of learning environments and situations. Baby & Me is staffed by parent/infant advisors who hold advanced degrees and are experts in pedagogical instruction for newborns who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Baby & Me actively involves educational and medical professionals who collectively monitor your child’s language development as he or she moves through the program. Baby & Me is parent-focused, child-driven and results-oriented to ensure your newborn receives the requisite foundation for lifelong learning and growth.

Enrollment is open to all babies (aged 0 to 18 months) and their primary caregivers. Participation can begin immediately after early diagnosis from your newborn’s hearing test.

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The Baby & Me (Parent/Infant) Hearing ProgramBaby & Me Hearing Program - CCHAT Sacramento