Big Day of Giving 2024

May 2, 2024

A HUGE thank you for all your donations on Big Day of Giving 2024!

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What Do You Wish You Had Known Earlier? A Collection of Tips from the CCHAT Community for Children with Hearing Loss

April 8, 2024

The following pieces of advice come from CCHAT alumni families and students, as well as CCHAT staff members and current parents, who have experience in handling the challenges that come with a hearing loss diagnosis.

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CCHAT Reunion

April 27, 2024

You're invited to join the CCHAT family for an afternoon of food, friends and fun at the CCHAT Center.

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Big Day of Giving 2023

May 4, 2023

Big Day of Giving 2023 is around the corner and your donations will help make dreams become a reality!

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Gift Ideas to Promote Listening and Spoken Language for Children with Hearing Loss

December 8, 2022

Your child benefits most when you take a proactive approach to playtime. Incorporating plenty of listening and language opportunities will help children develop their communication skills, all while having fun!

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Support Team Alumni for Bike 4 Fun

October 17, 2023

Over the past 16 years, hundreds of CCHAT students have kicked off a new school year by jumping on their bikes and racing around the track at Bike 4 Fun. Make a donation of any kind and join Team Alumni.

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Big Day of Giving 2022 - THANK YOU!!

May 5, 2022

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year's campaign, as we celebrated our 25th anniversary and the students who make CCHAT the amazing place that it is!

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Social Skills for Children with Hearing Loss

January 11, 2022

The development of social skills is important for all children. At the CCHAT Center, these skills take on even greater importance for students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

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Happy Holidays - Celebrating 25 Years!

December 7, 2021

Happy Holidays from the CCHAT Center in Sacramento! Sending love from our families to yours.

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8th Annual Holly Jolly Celebration

December 2, 2021

The CCHAT community came together for a festive night at Blue Line Arts in Roseville. With an outpouring of love, CCHAT raised $22,000 in support of our children with hearing loss! Thank you for making Holly Jolly a joyful celebration!

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CCHAT Impact Report 2021

November 12, 2021

As we move into our 25th school year this fall, we send out heartfelt THANKS for all you do to help sustain our program. Our dedicated staff could not do what we do without your love and commitment to CCHAT.

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Become a CCHAT Roadie for Bike 4 Fun 2021!

August 25, 2020

Jump on your bike and go for a ride in support of CCHAT kids! CCHAT students are gearing up for the 15th annual Bike 4 Fun fundraiser on October 19th!

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1996: CCHAT’s First Year

August 9, 2021

CCHAT is preparing to enter its 25th year of providing listening and spoken language services to children with hearing loss.

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Self-Advocacy Skills for Children with Hearing Loss

July 12, 2021

At the CCHAT Center, creating independence for children with hearing loss is one of our ultimate goals. This includes the development of self-advocacy skills that help build confidence as students prepare to return to mainstream schools.

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Parenting a Child with Hearing Loss

June 17, 2021

Helping students with hearing loss achieve their maximum potential requires teamwork between professionals and parents. Parent participation is vital to a child’s success.

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What is the 1, 3, 6 Criteria & Why it’s Important for Your Child

November 3, 2023

Success in reaching age-related benchmarks translates to children with hearing loss being better positioned to reach their full potential with listening and spoken language.

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Everything You Need To Know About BAHA Implants for Children

March 2, 2021

Some children who are deaf and hard of hearing use traditional hearing aids to amplify sounds, and it works incredibly well for them. Unfortunately for others, traditional hearing aids aren’t the best solution and the possibility of implanted devices should be explored.

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Everything You Need To Know About Central Auditory Processing Disorder

March 24, 2021

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is a condition that children can be born with or develop over time. Occasionally, CAPD can be confused with Autism or ADHD, but it’s only after a careful and accurate evaluation from an audiologist that you will have a reliable diagnosis.

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Everything You Need to Know About Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

February 23, 2021

People often get confused when they hear about Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD). To help you understand how it could affect your child’s ability to learn in a classroom and communicate effectively, we’ve created this easy-to-understand guide to ANSD.

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7th Annual Holly Jolly Celebration - THANK YOU!

January 7, 2021

With your support, CCHAT enjoyed its most successful Holly Jolly Holiday Celebration to date, raising $24,345 for the children with hearing loss that we serve!

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Let’s Make 2021 A Great Year for the CCHAT Center

December 9, 2020

As it was for so many, 2020 was a year like no other for the CCHAT Center. Thanks to the amazing CCHAT community, our team persevered and withstood all of the challenges presented during the year.

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CCHAT's Impact Report | October 2020

November 6, 2020

Thank you! 2020 has been a very challenging year with the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, we are so grateful for the community that has funded, volunteered, celebrated and advocated for the CCHAT Center through the years.

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What Are The Benefits Of Teletherapy?

November 13, 2020

Teletherapy at the CCHAT Center is essentially a type of distance learning service where we can teach students and parents over the internet using laptops, tablets, or smartphones - reducing the need for in-person sessions.

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Teletherapy: What It Is And How It Helps Your Child

October 26, 2020

At the CCHAT Center, our team has been working hard to ensure our students still receive the help they need to develop their speech and language, despite ongoing closures.

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Bike 4 Fun 2020 Recap

October 22, 2020

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated, donated and supported the children of CCHAT in our annual Bike 4 Fun event. Raising over $35,000, it was our most successful B4F to day!

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Become a CCHAT Roadie for Bike 4 Fun 2020!

October 5, 2020

Bike 4 Fun 2020 is a virtual event -- and it's not just for the kids! Sign up to be a CCHAT Roadie and pledge to take a ride for CCHAT between Oct. 5-9. Grab your wheels, gather friends & family, and hit the road, path or track in your neighborhood! You even have the option to create your own fundraising page!

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Wearing a Mask with Your Hearing Aids

July 31, 2020

See clever tips to protect your ears and hearing aids while wearing a mask from Oticon.

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Improving the Mainstream Classroom For Deaf Children Post COVID-19

July 9, 2020

As we return back into classrooms in the fall, it’s important not to forget everything we’ve learned during our time at home.

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May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month

May 27, 2020

The month of May is Better Hearing & Speech Month! This annual celebration aims towards raising awareness for the many challenges faced by people who are deaf and hard of hearing in their day-to-day lives.

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Update on Hearing Aid Insurance Coverage For Children in California

In a recent blog post, we talked about the need to fight to get children’s hearing aids covered by health insurance. We know so much about how important healthy hearing is to developing babies.

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The Importance of ‘Serve And Return’ for Children with Hearing Loss

February 27, 2020

Children with hearing loss are in need of the same ‘serve and return’ experience as typical hearing children. It is critical to help them develop conversational competency.

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2019 Annual Letter

December 2, 2019

A personal letter from a family impacted greatly by CCHAT's listening and spoken language programs.

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CCHAT CIT Summer Program 2019

November 27, 2019

See what one of the Counselor's in Training had to say about CCHAT's 2019 summer program!

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Audiology Awareness Month

October 16, 2019

October is National Audiology Awareness Month with an emphasis on increasing awareness of audiology and hearing protection.

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We're Back! CCHAT Kicks Off 23rd Year!

September 16, 2019

CCHAT students have now been in class for 3 weeks and all the kids -- even the toddlers! -- are loving their new teachers and classes.

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Highlights from the 2018-2019 Program Year

July 30, 2019

We are grateful for your ongoing support of our mission and the students that we serve. Check out what we have been doing so far this year!

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May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month

May 28, 2019

May is officially Better Hearing & Speech Month – an annual celebration designed to raise awareness of the many communication challenges that those who are deaf and hard of hearing face on a daily basis.

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Welcome to Our New Website!

April 11, 2018

We're excited to announce the launch of CCHAT's new website! We've been working away on improving how we can help parents from around the area find us, get educated, and easily get into contact with us to help their child who is deaf or hard of hearing.

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