Spanish Speech Language Pathology Services

Spanish Speech Language Pathology Services

One question we receive most often is,

“Can a child who is deaf or hard of hearing ever become bilingual?”

It’s a very sensible question given the communication challenges most people associate with hearing loss. Mastering one language is already hard enough. So why tackle a second one?

But there are actually many compelling reasons why parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing should explore bilingual education.

This is particularly true in a region like Sacramento County, where an estimated 431,000 residents speak a second language at home.

Here are just some of the main benefits of bilingualism:

  • Non-English speaking parents can become more involved in their children’s academic, social and linguistic development
  • Language learning can facilitate understanding in homes that are already bilingual (especially if one parent speaks English, but the other one does not)
  • Becoming fluent in a second language rewires the brain, allowing for more creative problem solving and better negotiation skills
  • Bilingualism allows your child to become immersed in his or her community and pursue career opportunities that might otherwise have been limited due to hearing loss

And the good news is that anyone can become bilingual – even a young child who is deaf or hard of hearing. In fact, we even have an entire immersion program dedicated to helping your child master one of the most popular languages in the world – Spanish.

CCHAT’s Spanish Language Immersion Program

Of the 40+ unique languages spoken throughout Sacramento County, Spanish is by far the most popular, with:

  • 12% of Sacramento’s residents being native Spanish speakers.
  • 27% of the local population claiming Hispanic or Latino descent.

To help meet this demand, CCHAT now offers a full range of Spanish speech-language pathology services for children who are deaf and hard of hearing (and their parents).

CCHAT’s Spanish-language assistance also includes comprehensive diagnostic evaluations to help determine the scope, type and nature of your child’s hearing loss.

After the screening is complete, our staff can walk you through the results in English or Spanish – whichever your family prefers. We can also help coordinate with bilingual audiologists in the area to ensure your child’s hearing needs are met around the clock.

In addition, all of our administrative services – from enrollment to insurance to announcements – now exist in bilingual formats. Just let us know your language preference in advance.

Bilingualism Is a Key – Not a Barrier

Learning a second language should never be considered a barrier.

If anything, bilingualism is a powerful skill that can help unlock many doors. And in a diverse, multicultural region like Sacramento, being fluent in both Spanish and English can give your child a huge competitive advantage throughout his or her life.

To learn how CCHAT can help your child who is deaf or hard of hearing become bilingual, schedule a visit with us today.

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