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Early Start Hearing Services

Discovering that your newborn is deaf or hard of hearing can often be a shock. And you may wonder whether your child will have a happy or normal life.

But at the CCHAT Center, we believe the answer is a resounding “yes.”

With proper guidance, it’s possible to give your child all the resources, tools and advantages necessary for long-term success. In fact, our mission is to help your child matriculate into a mainstream school program and thrive once there. However, early intervention is key.

Babies don’t speak their first words until they're approximately 12 months old. But speech, language and sound processing all begin at birth. These skills are essential to healthy childhood development. But any hearing impairment that remains undiagnosed and untreated could stunt your child’s growth.

This is why we encourage all parents to have their children tested for hearing loss – as early as possible.