2019 Annual Letter

Dear Friends of CCHAT,

2019 Annual Letter | CCHAT

When you first meet Nico, you may notice his wavy blonde hair or his chestnut brown eyes. Maybe you giggle at his roaring dinosaur impression. His smile will warm your heart as he waves and says “bye-bye.” Our 18-month-old son has come a long way since he was diagnosed at birth as deaf.

In that moment, many heartbreaking questions flooded our minds. Will he ever hear us say, “I love you?” Do we treat him differently than his hearing older brother? Will he be successful in life? Wes soon found the place where our questions would be answered.

The same day Nico’s hearing loss was confirmed, we were told about the CCHAT Center. When Nico was only three weeks old, we visited for the first time. It didn’t take us long to realize that CCHAT was a special place filled with hope. 

As Nico began to navigate the hearing world with the help of hearing aids, we started to fully understand the wealth of knowledge and expertise to be gained through CCHAT’s services and parent education.

Slowly but surely, the overwhelming stress and anxiety of Nico’s hearing loss started to dissolve as our confidence grew at the CCHAT Center.

InApril 2019, Nico received a cochlear implant. It’s hard to believe we ever questioned his quality of life when we witness him react to subtle noises like birds chirping and his brother’s laugh from the next room. He continues to surprise us with new words and phrases.

Nico has made amazing listening and spoken language strides because of the steadfast dedication within the staff at CCHAT. The program not only elevates children to their full potential but also educates parents and family members. These achievements take more than just the unwavering commitment by CCHAT staff. Approximately $10,000 must be raised every year for each student served.  

We truly believe that CCHAT is unlike any other school. It has profoundly changed our lives for the better and for that we will be forever grateful. Please consider a financial gift this holiday season. CCHAT is a wonderful program filled with loving professionals who will continue to positively impact the lives of children with hearing loss.

With sincere gratitude,

2019 Annual Letter | CCHAT

Jennifer and Daniel Borgatti

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