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Can we get 50 alums to show their support for our current students?

Dear CCHAT Alumni Friends,

CCHAT Alumni Kevin Scifres

My name is Kevin Scifres, and I am a CCHAT alumni student, class of 2011. This year marks my second as a student representative on the CCHAT Board. I have loved serving in this role, spreading the word about the power of CCHAT, and sharing the impact it had on my life and on so many of yours.

Another school year at CCHAT has begun, and that brings the anticipation of another terrific Bike 4 Fun event. Last year, my amazing alumni friends rallied to show incredible support for current CCHAT students. Together, 48 families raised more than $5,400 as TEAM ALUMNI, and as we know, this money goes directly toward life-changing services for CCHAT children with hearing loss.

This year, I’m hoping we can make an even bigger impact. On October 17th, CCHAT kids will be participating in the 17th annual Bike 4 Fun, and I’d love to have you join this year’s “Team Alumni” by making a donation of any amount in support of their ride.

If you want to contribute, simply visit (or more specifically, or use the QR code on the included flyer. Once you donate, I’ll add your name to the “Team Alumni” page, and our little friends currently at CCHAT will see just how many alumni members are cheering them on.

Thanks so much for reading and considering. With your love, we can help support the program that continues to provide hope and support for so many families.

Wishing you all the best,

Kevin Scifres

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Make a donation of any kind and join the 2023 CCHAT Bike 4 Fun...

Over the past 16 years, hundreds of CCHAT students have kicked off a new school year by jumping on their bikes and racing around the track at Bike 4 Fun.

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Team Alumni 2023

  • Emilia Gann – Class of 2019
  • Darey Campos-Mares – Class of 2021
  • Noah Bixby – Class of 2017
  • Molly Gielar (Magarian) – Class of 2001
  • Kendall and Kolby King – Class of 2008
  • Jesse Berry – Class of 2014
  • Tara Beltrami – Class of 2000
  • Krista Rey – Class of 1998
  • Kaylie Martindale – Class of 2005
  • Miller Greenfield – Class of 2011
  • Reid and Reagan Wilson – Class of 2012
  • Elijah Guenthner – Class of 2012
  • Aria Lanuza – Class of 2022
  • Owen Hatfield – Class of 2021
  • Kevin Scifres – Class of 2011
  • Lucas Kelly – Class of 2023
  • Ali Dastagirzada – Class of 2015
  • Dino Pezzi – Class of 2009
  • Matthew Kwong – Class of 2011
  • Garrett Brizendine – Class of 2015
  • Anna Cheng – Class of 2019
  • Terry and Matthew Dries – Class of 2012
  • Zoe Searcy – Class of 2008
  • Faith, Hope and Kelly Crable – Class of 2013/2016/2020
  • Harrison Martin – Class of 2016
  • Lucas and Mateo Valencia – Class of 2020
  • Maisam Hassany – Class of 2021
  • Rhys Romanowski – Class of 2015
  • Turiya Bhaaradwaaj – Class of 2020
  • Lianna Muradyan – Class of 2023
  • Kate Nguyen – Class of 2023
  • Presley Parkins – Class of 2019
  • Victoria Zeigler – Class of 2009
  • Dylan White – Class of 2015
  • Camilla Lirnik – Class of 2021
  • Andrew Kelly – Class of 2021
  • Aieden and Ryan Hensley – Class of 2015/2018

CCHAT Team Alumni Bike 4 Fun

Click the button below for the 17th Annual Bike 4 Fun event details and to support the CCHAT students on October 17!

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