Inclusive Toys for Children with Hearing Loss

Playtime is such a valuable tool for children with hearing loss who are working to develop listening and spoken language. Children can explore their imagination while building communication skills during social play with others or pretend play by themselves.

This experience can be further beneficial when children are accessing toys in which hearing loss is represented. Seeing a toy, game or book that features hearing-assistive technology can provide children with self-confidence, a feeling of inclusion and a sense of pride. A number of these types of toys are now available to show children that they are not alone on their hearing loss journey.


In recent years, Barbie has expanded its line to include more characteristics than featured on its original doll. There are now both a Barbie (#187) and Ken (#220) doll that include behind-the-ear hearing aids. 

American Girl Doll

Each year, American Girl releases a “Girl of the Year” doll, and in 2020, this doll featured hearing aids. Named Joss Kendrick, this doll also included an accompanying book with a story about Joss. American Girl consulted with people who are deaf and hard of hearing when designing the Joss Kendrick concept. 


LEGOs are a fixture on the CCHAT campus, and the company recently took steps to ensure that hearing loss was represented in its mini figurines. The interchangeable nature of LEGO blocks allows kids to turn these figures, featuring both hearing aids and cochlear implants, into a number of different characters covering a variety of jobs. 


The joy of creating a personalized teddy bear can take on an even more special meaning with Build-a-Bear’s vast collection of accessories. The company features a detachable, plush hearing aid that can be purchased alongside your child’s bear, even allowing younger children to practice putting on hearing-assistive technology. 


A quick search on ETSY turns up dozens of toys and dolls adorned with hearing aids and cochlear implants. In some cases, these products were created by families of children with hearing loss and can be further personalized with child names and specific equipment colors. 

Books Highlighting Hearing Loss

In a recent CCHAT blog, we touched on books that feature characters who access sound via hearing aids and cochlear implants. These stories highlight hearing loss as a superpower, and they can help ignite a love of reading for your child when they see their hearing loss represented in story form. Additionally, Wonderbly allows you to make your child the main character of their very own story. While hearing loss isn’t specifically mentioned, the same benefits of pride and self-confidence can be gleaned when your child sees him/herself come to life on the pages.

Empowering Children with Hearing Loss Through Inclusivity

These toys and books representing hearing loss and hearing-assistive technology help children who are deaf and hard of hearing feel a sense of belonging. The recent trend of showcasing hearing aids and cochlear implants suggests that more could be on the way. If you know of a product highlighting hearing loss, please share with us via our contact page. If you would like to gift an inclusive item for use on the CCHAT campus, please visit our wish list or contact us directly. 

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