Happy Holidays from CCHAT!

CCHAT Holiday Card

We are grateful for our generous donors who help amplify the success of each child we serve.

We anticipate that 2023 will be another amazing year of growth for CCHAT students who are deaf and hard of hearing. This holiday season, please support us as we continue to empower our children with the skills they need to thrive - now, tomorrow and always.

With gratitude,

The CCHAT Center

A Look Back on 2022's Some Good News Features

Each child featured below is pictured above!

  1. CCHAT's youngest student, Ellie takes part in our Baby & Me Program, which includes a weekly parent education class. She is now following auditory directions and saying her first words.
  2. Maro joined CCHAT last year and currently attends the Pre-K class. He has a heart of gold, says hello to everyone and is quick to lend a hand when his friends need help in class or speech.
  3. Four years ago, Samiah started her CCHAT journey in the Toddler class. Now a kindergartener, she shows top-of-the-charts articulation and is working on high-level language skills.
  4. Identified as deaf through a newborn hearing screening at CCHAT, Max immediately enrolled in the program and now is on track to mainstream to his local kindergarten next year.
  5. The sister of a CCHAT alum, Mahnaz made 22 months growth in receptive language and 15 months growth in expressive language over the past calendar year.
  6. Jeremiah and his sister travel 100 miles daily to access CCHAT services. His vocabulary has exploded, and he continues to work towards becoming independent with his cochlear implants.
  7. Since starting at CCHAT, Olive's language and auditory skills have skyrocketed. Just 3 years old, she is now speaking in 10+ word phrases to tell stories, express ideas and answer questions.
  8. When Hafiz started at CCHAT, he knew very little English and spoke primarily in his native languages of Farsi and Dari. He can now express himself in full sentences in all three languages.

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