CCHAT Uncorked 2021

9th Annual CCHAT Uncorked Fill the Silence Event

DATE: Friday, June 4, 2021

TIME: 6:30PM


Every day, dozens of children with hearing loss attend the CCHAT Center in Rancho Cordova. They use their hearing aids and cochlear implants to access sound, and CCHAT’s dedicated staff of teachers, speech therapists and audiologists helps them learn how to listen and speak. The kids sing, laugh, play and chat. They read, write, learn math and more. CCHAT’s goal is to empower these children with listening and spoken language skills so that they can enjoy a lifetime of success in their neighborhood schools and beyond.

There is a critical window for language acquisition, and because of that, CCHAT never turns away a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. All of CCHAT’s professional services are provided at NO COST to the families. This sets up fundraising as a vital element of the program and an area where CCHAT relies heavily on the generosity of its community.  

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN. CCHAT Uncorked, the program’s largest fundraiser, is approaching on June 4th, and we are in need of local sponsors. This year’s event will be virtual, with hundreds of supporters logging online to view an end-of-school-year performance by CCHAT students and partake in a live and silent auction. All proceeds allow CCHAT to continue its life-changing program and ensure children with hearing loss enjoy a future without limits. Please consider sponsoring this essential event for CCHAT.  We greatly appreciate the support of our local community – it means the world to our kids!

Meet Aria

Aria, 4, has profound sensorineural hearing loss, which was discovered during her newborn hearing screening. She wears bilateral cochlear implants. Aria's mom, Vianey, remembers, "Aria had been activated for only 3 weeks when she started at CCHAT; sound and listening were brand new to her. Aria wouldn’t be whereshe is today without the loving teachers, aides and therapists at CCHAT. Aria loves CCHAT, and we do, too!"

"Aria has blossomed this year! She uses 3-5 word sentences to tell me about her day...and her listening comprehension has soared! She can follow 3-step directions and identify pictures based on verbal descriptions. Aria's progress has been amazing!"

- Jody Wassermann, CCHAT Speech Therapist

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