Jacque Towner: Sharing Her Experiences With Hearing Loss Through Art

CCHAT Center Donor Highlight: Jacque Towner

After experiencing her first episode of vertigo 15 years ago, Jacque began developing a ringing in her ear, as well as slight hearing loss. Eventually, this led to profound deafness in one ear along with greatly compromised hearing in the other. 

Meniere’s disease had gradually taken the hearing from Jacque’s left ear completely.

When the FDA approved cochlear implant surgery for single-sided deafness in 2019, Jacque’s audiologist suggested that she could be an ideal candidate. 

She immediately began investigating all possibilities and evaluated the cochlear implant process. 

In December 2019, she was approved for surgery and in January 2020, the surgery was completed. As 2020 draws to a close, she’s still getting used to her cochlear implant but is confident that it was the right choice for her. 

“I am still in what I consider to be the ‘settling in’ phase with the implant, and definitely feel it was the right choice for me.”

What’s Jacque’s connection to the CCHAT Center?

While trying to make her decision on whether cochlear implant surgery was the right path for her, Jacque was introduced to Licia Green from the CCHAT Center by a former colleague. Licia gave Jacque some useful insights into cochlear implants and was very helpful in answering any questions that Jacque had before making her decision. 

How does Jacque give back to the CCHAT Center?

A week before her cochlear implant surgery, Jacque became inspired with the idea of a spiral-shaped shell in her work. While experimenting with this idea, she started to see something special about the shell.

“It wasn't until after I had embarked on the project that I made the connection and realized how closely the spiral form of the shell resembles the structure of the cochlea of the inner ear.”

Of course, this gave her latest artwork a whole new meaning - and added more personal significance for her. She worked on the piece leading up to her operation and during her recovery. 

The final result was a piece entitled “Origins”.

"Origins" - Jacque Towner
"Origins" - Jacque Towner

She decided to revisit the theme in another piece of work, and “Origins II” was born. 

Following her positive experience with the CCHAT Center, she decided to donate “Origins II” to the program’s 7th Annual Holly Jolly Celebration

“‘Origins II is the second in a series reflecting on my cochlear implant journey.”

"Origins II" - Jacque Towner
"Origins II" - Jacque Towner

“I am happy to provide support for this very worthwhile organization.”  

If you’d like to join us for our 7th Annual Holly Jolly event, you’ll be able to follow our silent auction where Jacque’s “Origins II” will be auctioned off. 

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