CCHAT Event Spotlight: Bike 4 Fun

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CCHAT Event Spotlight: Bike 4 Fun

Sustaining CCHAT’s listening and spoken language program is a year-round endeavor that includes multiple fundraising events. It is an added bonus when these events bring joy and excitement to CCHAT students.

Bike 4 Fun has evolved from a modest fundraiser to a true community celebration that families and supporters look forward to each October. 

What is Bike 4 Fun?

Bike 4 Fun is a day of fun for CCHAT students. Each child gets to bring his/her bicycle, scooter, wagon, stroller or other set of wheels to school. A track is created in the parking lot next door and each class gets a turn to ride the course and tally up laps. All the while, family members, community supporters and local organizations line the outside and cheer on the students.

When children are done racing, they get to visit with local first responders. Members of the police department, California Highway Patrol officers, firefighters and ambulance/EMT workers are some of the community heroes who traditionally stop by the event. Children get to learn more about their jobs and even explore their vehicles – from sitting on top of a motorcycle to climbing into a fire engine. 

Biking For Fun…and Fundraising

Of course, a key component to Bike 4 Fun is the fundraising aspect. Leading up to the event, CCHAT families rally up their network of supporters and try to secure donations in support of their child’s ride. In recent years, each student has been given their own donation page, and the response from the amazing CCHAT community has been incredible. In 2022, Bike 4 Fun raised $48,696 for CCHAT’s specialized services, and the goal for the 2023 event is $55,000. 

More Fun Features of Bike 4 Fun

With 16 years of event history, Bike 4 Fun has seen many developments and the fundraiser continues to evolve as community support grows. Some other features of the event include:

Special Appearances by Local Celebrities

From local TV personalities to professional sports team mascots, there are always some surprises for CCHAT students. Seeing these “larger than life” figures brings another layer of excitement for the kids. 

Bike 4 Fun CCHAT Sacramento

CCHAT Roadies

Started in 2020, when the pandemic led to a remote event, the CCHAT Roadie program allows for CCHAT supporters across the country to show their love. CCHAT Roadies pledge to take a ride through their neighborhood in support of CCHAT students – some wearing the traditional Bike 4 Fun t-shirt – then they share photos from their journey. CCHAT kids enjoy seeing just how much the community comes together to support their ride. 

BMX Assembly

2022 marked the first year that BMX professionals performed on Bike 4 Fun day. After finishing their race, CCHAT students enjoyed a special assembly, with BMX bike riders flying high, performing flips and tricks that had the kids roaring in excitement. 

Team Alumni

When CCHAT alumni students look back at their time within the program, many often retain memories of their Bike 4 Fun experiences. With that in mind, Kevin Scifres, a CCHAT alum serving on the CCHAT Board, created Team Alumni. This group of former CCHAT students came together in 2022 to show their support for current CCHAT kids preparing to ride. Team Alumni, with 48 supporting members, raised more than $5,400 in its initial year and is aiming to top that number in 2023. 

The Very First Bike 4 Fun Event

To say that Bike 4 Fun has evolved over time would be an understatement. The original event, held in the back parking lot of CCHAT’s former campus, was developed as a way to raise funds for playground equipment. That event raised about $1,200 for CCHAT.

It was quickly evident, based on how much fun the students had participating, that Bike 4 Fun would become an annual event. 

Show Your Support for Bike 4 Fun 2023

Bike 4 Fun 2023 is set for October 17th, and as always, the support of the CCHAT community will be vital for this fundraiser. There are many ways you can get involved – from sponsoring a student or the event, to becoming a CCHAT Roadie and riding in support of the program. Click here for more information. 

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