How You Can Help CCHAT: A Guide to Supporting Our Program

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How You Can Help CCHAT: A Guide to Supporting Our Program

Since 1996, CCHAT has worked hard to be a positive force in the community. Our mission of empowering children who are deaf and hard of hearing with listening and spoken language skills is one we enjoy and take very seriously.

CCHAT knows that it cannot serve as a vital resource for its families without the collective backing of the community and our amazing group of supporters. There are many ways that you can help us sustain our program for the families and children with hearing loss that we serve. 

Spread the Word

Despite our longstanding role in the community and proven track record of success, there are many people who simply do not know that CCHAT exists, and some are unaware of the listening and spoken language opportunities that are available for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. 

Spreading the word about CCHAT helps in many ways - most importantly, it helps CCHAT reach families who may be in need of our services. While hearing loss may not impact your immediate family or circle, it is possible that a close connection could benefit. With CCHAT now amplifying its services for newborns, there are a variety of ways in which CCHAT could help those in the community, and our goal is to reach as many families as possible. 

Connecting with CCHAT on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), sharing a story that touches you, or simply having us in mind when the topic arises makes a world of difference in our effort to positively impact the families in our region. 

Supporting CCHAT Events

CCHAT hosts a variety of fundraising events throughout the year, and there are always ways for members of the community to participate. As previously mentioned, just spreading the word about these fundraisers can help CCHAT reach a larger audience.

CCHAT Bike 4 Fun, the CCHAT Winter Showcase and CCHAT Uncorked are all open to the public. Those unable to attend can support these events by sponsoring, donating in support of a child, purchasing a gift associated with the event or simply letting their community know about the fundraisers and why they are important for CCHAT’s sustainability. 


CCHAT runs on the generosity of a collection of supporters, and no amount is too small when it comes to making an impact on a child with hearing loss. CCHAT provides its services at no cost to families, and every dollar donated goes toward building a bright future for our students, who are working hard to develop the skills they need for a life without limits.

There are many donation options available to the community. Whether you’d like to show your support with a one-time donation, donate as a gift for or in honor of a loved one, become a CCHAT Champion with a recurring commitment, or connect with CCHAT as a business or organization partner, CCHAT will ensure that your support makes a life-changing impact for the children in our program. 

Contact Us

CCHAT is always looking for ways to interact with our community, possible supporters and potential families in need of our services. Know of an upcoming event where CCHAT may be able to participate? Let us know! Have a potential lead on an event sponsor or grant opportunity? Let us know! Aware of a child with hearing loss who might benefit from our program? Let us know! Want to take a tour and learn more about what we do? Let us know!

CCHAT is grateful for the supportive community within which we work, and we’d love to hear from you. Use our contact page to reach out and share your ideas. Every show of support goes a long way for the families that we serve.

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