Big Day of Giving 2019 - THANK YOU!

Big Day of Giving 2019 - CCHAT Sacramento

What Was Big Day of Giving?

This special event was a 24-hour online giving challenge that brings the local community together to help raise money and shine a spotlight on all the great work nonprofits are doing in our region.

CCHAT's 5th Big Day of Giving campaign focused on the listening, spoken language and literacy skills that students develop while enrolled in our program. Research shows that children who are deaf and hard of hearing are at risk for serious reading deficiencies, but children with hearing loss who acquire spoken language hav a mush easier time learning to read and write, which is critical to learning in all academic areas. Children with hearing loss who learn to listen and talk, perform at levels comparable to their hearing peers.

Bringing Sunshine Through Music

Because of hearing assistive technology and the CCHAT center, songs can be shared between grandmas and granddaughters! Watch Pre-K student Brooke sing "You Are My Sunshine" with Grandma Debbie!

Max Charter

Who was that boy 'driving' the 1965 Chevelle in all our BDOG 2019 campaign materials? Max Charter is just shy of 15 months and was bilaterally implanted on March 5th. He is profoundly deaf like his big sister, Brooke, who also attends CCHAT. Like many CCHAT families, the Charters drive more than 100 miles each day so their children have the opportunity to learn and listen and develop spoke language. Big Day of Giving proceeds make a life-long impact on children with hearing loss like Brooke and Max!

Andrew - CCHAT Preschool Student

"CCHAT's skilled and caring teachers, therapists, and staff have hugely impacted our son with bilateral cochlear implants. He loves going to school each day and his speaking and singing are a steady source of joy for our family."

- The Kelly Family

Turiya - CCHAT Kindergarten student

"Words cannot express our gratitude for what CCHAT has done for Turiya and our family. The hard work, commitment, and dedication shown by the CCHAT community every day to make sure that Turiya and other children with hearing loss develop spoken language and reach their fullest potential is outstanding. CCHAT also supports and educates the parents and families so that we can help our children grow up to be confident and successful."

- The Ramesh Family

Matthew - CCHAT Toddler student

"CCHAT has been such a positive experience for Matthew and our family. Seeing him reach speech and language goals has been so encouraging. I am so thankful for his teachers, speech therapist, and staff that continually pour into him day after day. What a wonderful feeling to know that he is safe, loved and thriving."

- The Love Family

Olivia - CCHAT Toddler student

"CCHAT's teachers and speech therapists have given our family so much support and tools to help our daughter, Olivia, develop speech and listening skills. She has become more independent and is thriving. We will forever be grateful!"

-The Wynne Family

In total, the Sacramento Community raised $8.4 million from 23,000 donors on Big Day of Giving!!

Big Day of Giving 2019

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