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The Story of Stella Bella: Growing Up Deaf

The Story of Stella Bella: Growing Up Deaf

Before 2012, Stella’s parents knew nothing about hearing loss or had any experience with people who had hearing loss. 

The Story of Stella Bella: Growing Up Deaf

It wasn’t until their baby girl, Stella Bella, was born with progressive hearing loss did they begin to engulf themselves in knowledge about hearing loss to help her live the best life she possibly could. 

During their research, they learned about the CCHAT Center in Sacramento and it was here that Stella would learn to speak proficiently and clearly, despite her hearing deficiency. 

As a proud Greek family, spoken language is incredibly important to Stella’s nearest and dearest. Stella’s family loves to talk and share stories and news, so Stella’s parents decided the CCHAT Center was the perfect opportunity for their daughter. 

Stella (And Her Family’s) Greatest Achievement

Stella’s parents have been with her every step of the way - and even learned the basic bridge sign language until Stella began to learn speech. 

“The general stereotype of deaf individuals is that they only have one option of communication. Stella is very successful with expressive language.”

Together, the family has overcome the stereotypes that surround deaf people and completely conquered every issue they’ve faced.  

Stella’s Time at CCHAT

The Story of Stella Bella: Growing Up Deaf

Stella is in her last year at the CCHAT center in Sacramento and her parents can’t believe that seven years went by so quickly.

Stella has met all of the goals set out before her and achieved so much over the course of her seven years here. She has been an active participant in her general ed class and it looks like she’ll be successful at whatever she turns her hand to in the future. She has completely conquered the ability to learn spoken language and can confidently hold a conversation with the rest of her family. 

Stella and her parents feel happy with their progression at the CCHAT Center and have always felt at home here. 

“The feeling of belonging and knowing we’re not alone in our journey has made things so much easier.”

Advice to Other Students, Parents & Friends

The family says their biggest piece of advice to other students is to: Stick with your plan and work at it every day and you’ll see an improvement. 

“Yes, even when you feel (maybe) this isn’t working for us...he or she isn’t progressing at the rate we anticipated - have Faith - it will be ok! Stick with the plan created for your child.”

Does your child have a hearing deficiency? Do they need help learning how to develop speech and live with their hearing loss? Schedule a visit to the CCHAT Center for your child by calling (916) 361-7290 or send us a message

The Story of Stella Bella: Growing Up Deaf
The Story of Stella Bella: Growing Up Deaf
The Story of Stella Bella: Growing Up Deaf
The Story of Stella Bella: Growing Up Deaf
The Story of Stella Bella: Growing Up Deaf
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