Sahan Sugumaran


We welcomed our son into the world in February 2014. We were introduced to the world of hearing loss when Sahan didn't pass his initial hearing screening. Series of tests confirmed that he was born with severe to prdound bilateral hearing loss. As parents, questions around Sahan's future kept playing in our minds as it is a highly dauting diagnosis, and a tad terrifying when you realize your child may miss out living life to his full potential.

When we found out that Sahan had a chance of being part of the hearing world, we made the decision to go down the cochlear implant path and moved across continents for him to receive listening and spoken language support services at the CCHAT Center.

We left all that we knew in Singapore and accepted a job transfer to come here. I knew our new CCHAT family would be there for us and Sahan. We've witnessed the incredible dedication, passion and love that the staff exudes. From the beginning, we've felt welcomed and supported.

Sahan has been attending CCHAT for nearly 2 years. With support from his teachers, speech therapist, teacher aides and audiologist, he has made incredible progress. He actually has an American accent and has begun to correct mine too!

For CCHAT to be able to provide the services necessary for children like Sahan to live life without limits, it requires more than just the amazing commitment, enthusiasm and professional expertise of the staff. For every child attending the CCHAT Center, approximately $10,000 must be raised each year.

Please consider donating as every bit will count and go towards changing the lives of children like Sahan as they learn to listen and speak for themselves. It really does take a village.

~ The Sugumaran Family

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