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How Nikole’s Family Remains Positive on Their Hearing Loss Journey


Diagnosed at birth with severe-to-profound bilateral hearing loss, Nikole was just three months old when she started wearing hearing aids. Around the time of her first birthday, she received bilateral cochlear implants. 

Nikole and Her Family’s Experience Living With Hearing Loss 

Nikole and her family have had their ups and downs during their hearing loss journey together, but they’ve always embraced it with a positive attitude. 

They couldn’t be happier with the resources they’ve been able to access locally, especially at the CCHAT Center where Nikole attends school. 

Her mother, Nikko, even began learning American Sign Language with her daughter so that she has multiple ways to communicate with her.

“Sometimes she may not say a word clearly, but if she is also signing, it makes our communication more effective.” 

Their Favorite Part About Being Connected to the CCHAT Center

Nikole’s family appreciates the support and kindness they receive from the other parents and the staff at the CCHAT Center. Nikko said: 

“I love how the staff is so friendly, and I can tell they are passionate about teaching the children how to listen and speak.” 

Since the pandemic began, the CCHAT Center’s teletherapy services have been a huge help. Nikole was able to continue learning distantly and stay connected with her support team until the CCHAT campus reopened in October.

Their Biggest Success Related to Nikole’s Hearing Loss 

Being connected to the CCHAT Center and having access to the best listening and spoken language professionals has helped Nikko and her family so much. 

“Just being plugged in so quickly - my family and I feel really blessed!” 

Their Tips For Future Students

Her family encourages future parents to be open and to utilize everything the staff provides. Being patient is key along the hearing loss journey.

“And if you choose to remain positive and stay connected to the staff and parents, this can be a beautiful journey.”
Student Highlight | CCHAT Center Sacramento
Student Highlight | CCHAT Center Sacramento
Student Highlight | CCHAT Center Sacramento
Student Highlight | CCHAT Center Sacramento
Student Highlight | CCHAT Center Sacramento
Student Highlight | CCHAT Center Sacramento

You can follow Nikole’s hearing loss journey on Instagram.

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