Helping Create a Better Future for Children With Hearing Loss

Donor Highlight| CCHAT Center Sacramento

CCHAT Center supporter Gary Schanz began losing his hearing 40 years ago, and the results affected every aspect of his life.

“During the past 40 years, I lost friends because it was too hard to communicate. I felt very isolated...My relationship with my wife was strained. We no longer shared funny stories and chatted about our days. Only important information was shared.” 

Despite having multiple hearing aids fitted, Gary just couldn’t get the results he needed to live his life comfortably. 

Eventually, he was told by his hearing technician that he should make an appointment at Sac ENT to be evaluated for cochlear implants. 

Once implanted, Gary’s life was rejuvenated - and he knew he had to help other people in the same position he had been.

Gary’s Connection to the CCHAT Center

Gary’s wife, Carol, met Lisa Marwaha, a CCHAT Center board member, at a convention. They discussed hearing loss and Gary’s journey to cochlear implants. Lisa suggested that they visit the CCHAT Center to help show the children that adults also have hearing challenges - and being deaf and hard of hearing, is okay. 

For Gary, the greatest part about being connected to the CCHAT Center is meeting his buddy Max and being a part of life-changing work. 

“It’s a fantastic feeling being part of something so special... The work done by the CCHAT Center prepares children with hearing loss for a better future and education.”
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