CCHAT Staff: Meredith Wright

CCHAT Sacramento Staff Highlight | Meredith Wright

Despite growing up in a family of teachers, Meredith never thought she’d end up being one herself - but when she started to apply for colleges, she just kept checking the small box next to teaching! 

Meredith decided to attend Fresno State, and it was there where she chose Deaf Education as a major - purely because it sounded interesting. Little did she know that that choice would change her whole life (and ours!)

She graduated with a Master's Degree in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies.

Since 2013, Meredith has been working at the CCHAT Center as a teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing. She is a fantastic addition to our team and is an incredibly supportive teacher to all of our students.

With a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Specialist Credential and a certification from AG Bell as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist under her belt, Meredith really is a talented part of the CCHAT team. 

Meredith’s favorite part of working with CCHAT

“My favorite part about working at CCHAT is that I get to watch families connect and support each other through their hearing loss journeys.”

Meredith says hearing loss journeys can often be quite difficult for families, but it can be beautiful to watch parents help and support their child through it all. 

Meredith’s greatest success

Growing up in a family that was incredibly talented musically, Meredith didn’t feel as though she had the ‘gift’ of music, but she still grew up with a love and appreciation of music. 

At CCHAT, we have a daily music program which Meredith says is the perfect place to share her love and appreciation for music with the students. She loves to see how it helps the students’ progression on their learning journey. 

“CCHAT's daily music program has given me a place to share that love and appreciation for music with our students, and I have seen how it enhances their learning in all areas.” 

Meredith’s dedication to her students

In January 2020, Meredith gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. When COVID-19 struck, she was technically still on maternity leave. 

When she heard that our CCHAT team would be teaching remotely, she knew she wanted to support her students and stand by her fellow staff members. 

“I felt compelled to end my maternity leave early to support my students and fellow staff members.” 

Working from home added a lot of complications to her day. Her husband was working from home, their 3-year-old daughter was at home, and their newborn son needed attention. 

Luckily her students were very flexible and Meredith persevered - working hard so her students and their families could get the support they needed during these tough times. 

“My husband adjusted his work schedule so that he could be available to take care of our kids while I taught via Zoom throughout the week.” 

Long-distance learning could not have worked without the strong dedication of her students and their families.

“I am proud of how we have all embraced the transition and tried to make the most of it.” 
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