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CCHAT students with hearing loss benefit greatly from the presence of an on-site audiologist. This vital staff member can perform routine listening checks, troubleshoot issues with hearing devices and set up hearing-assistive technology systems. The goal is to ensure CCHAT children always have access to optimal sound.

Dr. Lisa Marwaha began her CCHAT journey in this role, providing service to students with hearing loss on campus. But after retiring as an audiologist, Lisa knew that she wanted to stay connected to a program that she had come to love. Her unwavering support for CCHAT has been a benefit and comfort for families of children who are deaf and hard of hearing in our program. 

An Unexpected Intro to Audiology

Lisa grew up in New Mexico. She may never have considered a career in audiology had she not had an early experience related to her own hearing health.

“When I was in elementary school, I failed my hearing screening and was referred to an audiologist,” Lisa recalls. “After passing my hearing test, I realized the importance and value of hearing.”

At that point, Lisa’s interest in audiology was piqued, and she knew that she wanted to work with people who were hearing impaired. 

The Road to CCHAT

CCHAT Staff Highlight | CCHAT Center Sacramento

Lisa earned her Master’s of Science from the University of Washington and followed that up by receiving her clinical doctorate (Au.D.) from the University of Florida. She became the leader of the cochlear implant program at Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento, and this was when Lisa was first introduced to CCHAT.

“I was so impressed with the incredible work done at the school to help children listen and talk,” Lisa says. “I knew I wanted to be a part of such an amazing organization.”

Lisa became CCHAT’s on-site audiologist, working on campus to help students with hearing loss and their families. Lisa performed a variety of audiological tasks to improve the CCHAT experience for students, and she most enjoyed the chance to help children feel safe and comfortable when they required a visit to the audiology room.

Lisa also remembers the amazing connections she made with her fellow staff members as they aimed to provide high-level speech, listening and language services for the center’s students.

“Collaborating with the teachers and speech pathologists at CCHAT has been a highlight of my career,” Lisa says. “It was always great to know that I was making a difference. The dedication and enthusiasm of everyone at CCHAT is so special and unique. I am grateful to have been a part of it.”

Moving On...But Not Completely

Lisa retired as an audiologist in 2016, but she had no plans to say goodbye to CCHAT. She immediately became a member of the CCHAT Board. Lisa acted as the CCHAT Board Chair for three years, and she continues to serve the school as Past Chair. 

“I officially retired from audiology, but not from CCHAT,” Lisa says. “It is an honor to serve on the board and be a part of sustaining the future of CCHAT.”

Lisa’s retirement from audiology has afforded her the chance to spend extra time with her family. She loves to travel and enjoys hiking, yoga, gardening and meditation.

While these activities provide Lisa with joy, she continues to find satisfaction in her work for CCHAT. Lisa’s contributions both as an audiologist and now board member have had a profound impact on the lives of countless families as they learn how to manage their child’s hearing loss. 

Lisa’s belief in CCHAT and the work done by the program continues to drive her desire to stay connected.

“I am constantly amazed and in awe of our staff, students and families,” Lisa says. “I love being a part of this incredible mission and celebrating the life changing success as a result of the work done at CCHAT.”
Staff Highlight | CCHAT Center Sacramento
Staff Highlight | CCHAT Center Sacamento

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