CCHAT Donor Spotlight: Heidi and Scott Francabandera

CCHAT Donor Spotlight: Heidi and Scott Francabandera

There are many ways that community members can lend their support to CCHAT. Some people sponsor fundraising events to ensure the sustainability of our program. Others volunteer at these events to make sure they run as smoothly as possible.

And others do both. Heidi and Scott Francabandera discovered CCHAT by chance in 2017, and the love they have developed for the program has compelled them to support CCHAT children in as many ways as they can.

CCHAT Donor Spotlight: Heidi and Scott Francabandera

Building a Bond with CCHAT 

The Francabanderas had no knowledge of CCHAT when Heidi took part in a workplace volunteer program. Her friend was organizing support for CCHAT Uncorked, CCHAT’s largest fundraising gala, and Heidi was recruited to help at the event.

CCHAT’s mission immediately struck a chord with Heidi.

“It’s important for any individual that may have a different ability to feel normal and be successful,” Heidi said. “CCHAT helps with that.”
CCHAT Donor Spotlight: Heidi and Scott Francabandera

Heidi became a fixture at CCHAT events, volunteering where needed at a myriad of fundraisers. Meanwhile, her husband Scott began building his own relationship with the program.

Scott is the owner of City Printz Screen Printing, a local company that creates t-shirts for businesses, schools and special occasions. With CCHAT now a part of the Francabanderas’ lives, Scott found it important for City Printz to start sponsoring the program’s fundraisers.

“We love CCHAT,” Heidi said. “We have heard the success stories of alumni of CCHAT and know how important the program that CCHAT offers is to the community.”

Scott initially started a partnership with CCHAT by creating the program’s summer school and Bike 4 Fun t-shirts. His subsequent sponsorships are just a part of his commitment to the greater Sacramento region, as he also assists other non-profits and serves as a mentor for local high school students.

“We enjoy being able to give back and support our local community,” Heidi said.

The Importance of Community

CCHAT provides its services at no cost to families, and because of this, the program is challenged to raise $10,000 for every child with hearing loss served. This sets up fundraisers as a vital component of CCHAT’s sustainability.

Heidi and Scott are a glowing example of CCHAT’s incredible community of supporters. Donors, sponsors and volunteers ensure that CCHAT can continue to make a difference in the lives of children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

If you would like to join the Francabanderas as a sponsor or volunteer, please use our contact page. Opportunities to partner with our program are available year-round and truly help make a lifelong impact for the families we serve. 

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