CCHAT Alumni Spotlight: Moses Silchuk

CCHAT Alumni Spotlight: Moses Silchuk

When Moses Silchuk joined CCHAT’s toddler class in 2008, his family had more questions than answers when it came to his hearing loss.

CCHAT Alumni Spotlight: Moses Silchuk

Now 15, Moses is an accomplished painter, a budding gardener and an aspiring health care professional, and he attributes part of his success to the program that helped lay the foundation for his listening and spoken language growth.

Discovering CCHAT

Moses’ hearing loss diagnosis was a surprise to his family. Though he was young, Moses remembers the difficulty of his early years. 

“My life and my parents’ lives were very challenging,” he says.

Fortunately for Moses and his family, they found CCHAT, and he was enrolled at around 2 years old in CCHAT’s toddler class. An immediate sense of calm was felt by the Silchuk family, as the CCHAT staff guided Moses through the program.

Moses looks back on his CCHAT experience with joy.

“I had a really good time,” he says. “Everyone was kind. I remember all of the teachers and speech therapists who taught and helped me at CCHAT.”

One of those helpers was Diane Durston, CCHAT’s current Board Chair. She was one of Moses’ teachers during his time at CCHAT.

“Moses was a multi-talented kid. He was interested in everything, and one of his special gifts was art,” Diane remembers. “His family was wonderful. They were so grateful to find our school.”

In 2004, Moses completed 2nd grade at CCHAT and was ready to mainstream back into his neighborhood school with the listening and spoken language skills needed for success.

Finding Passions and Hobbies Outside of School

From a very young age, Moses was drawn to art. He began painting at age 5, and he has continually developed his artistic skills through oil and water painting. 

“It’s a really cool feeling,” Moses says of creating his own art pieces. “You see the colors, and you can tell the emotions of things happening in the painting.”

Aside from the arts, Moses loves being outdoors. He enjoys photography and hones this skill by traveling and exploring new places. This summer, he took in the scenery of the beachside locations of Carmel-by-the-Sea and Half Moon Bay.

In keeping with his enjoyment of nature, Moses has discovered an affection for gardening. Moses’ home garden could be the subject of his next painting, with vibrant colors sprinkled throughout his family’s backyard.

CCHAT Alumni Spotlight: Moses Silchuk
CCHAT Alumni Spotlight: Moses Silchuk

What’s Next for Moses?

Moses will soon start the 11th grade, and while in school, he has taken a liking to history and science, with a more specific interest in biology. Though he hopes to continue creating art, his ultimate goal is to go to college and pursue a medical career. 

Looking back on his hearing loss journey, Moses is grateful for everyone who has helped him get to where he is today.

“With God’s help, family support and CCHAT, I’m doing great in school, and I’m involved in church,” Moses says. “I’m very successful in my life.”

He has some words of encouragement for parents who find themselves in the same spot his family did nearly 15 years ago.

“I just want to give advice to the families who are going through the challenge (of hearing loss) now,” Moses says. “Everything in life happens for a reason. Ask your families and friends for support. Talk to people who went through the things you are going through.”

This is a recipe that has worked for Moses and his family, and now, the sky's the limit for his future. 

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