Lisa McWilliams

Lisa McWilliams

Lisa has been a Speech-Language Pathologist since 1992 and came to CCHAT in 1999. She received her B.S. in speech pathology & audiology and an M.S. in speech pathology from California State University, Sacramento. Lisa serves as the Speech-Language Pathology Coordinator. Lisa is certified as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS Cert AVED) by the Alexander Graham Bell Academy and is recognized as a specialist for providing a high level of service to families wishing to utilize listening and spoken language for their child who is deaf or hard of hearing.

“My biggest tip for parents is to allow your children to become self-advocates! It's not a good idea to coddle them. Treat your child with hearing loss no differently than you would your hearing children!”

Lisa McWilliams, CCHAT Speech-Language Pathologist

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