Licia Green

Licia Green

Having children changes your life. Learning that they were born profoundly deaf changes everything. In the nine months preceding their birth, I’d envisioned their lives for decades to come – family vacations, educational choices, possible careers and those were the big things. With their diagnosis came the uncertainty of sharing whispered ‘I love yous,’ jokes and laughter and full inclusion in a family that has no other members with hearing loss.

The CCHAT Center became our beacon of hope. Cochlear implants gave them access to sound, but CCHAT helped it all make sense for Kendall and Kolby. Since 2004, I’ve been beyond grateful for the gift of listening and spoken language that CCHAT provided for my children.

It is my privilege to now represent this organization as its Development Director. All children with hearing loss should have access to the specialized services CCHAT provides. I’m dedicated to educating the community about the outcomes that are possible for children who are deaf and hard of hearing and raising the funds necessary to sustain our program.

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