Kirsten McWilliams

Kirsten McWilliams

I was born into the world of audiology. My mother is also an audiologist, and I grew up working in her practice from a young age. Helping those with hearing loss quickly became a passion and I have made it my life mission to provide exceptional care to those with hearing loss. Having a hearing loss should not isolate you from the hearing world. With the advancements in hearing technology, everyone can hear with ease and confidence.

As owner of the Hearing Solution, I primarily see adult patients who develop hearing loss later in life. I wanted to find a way to impact children with hearing loss and the opportunity to join the CCHAT Center was exactly what I was looking for. It has always astounded me to see children who receive treatment for their hearing loss early in life able to grow up equivalent to a hearing peer. Every child deserves the opportunity to have access to hearing and learning spoken language.

Having the opportunity to serve on the CCHAT board is one of my life's honors. Seeing what this incredible organization has the capability of leaves me speechless.

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