John Porteous

John Porteous

Being born deaf or with a profound hearing loss doesn’t have to be a lifelong limitation! I lost my hearing due to complications from a premature birth, which left me with profound hearing loss in both ears. I thrived in the early days of auditory-oral education and was mainstreamed into my local elementary school district at kindergarten. I went on to obtain a degree in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate in Law.

It has been an incredible honor and opportunity to “pay it forward” as a board member for CCHAT Center. The school not only does wonders for both kids and their families, but for the community as well. I am the co-founder of Principle Faucets, a water conservation plumbing company. When not working, you will find my dog and I on mountain peaks, running or on the trail. Please feel free to reach out to me through CCHAT if you have any questions about life with hearing loss.

“It's going to be a more challenging life at times, but hey, that's OK! I certainly still face challenges at times associated with being a deaf adult, but we live in an extraordinary time where technology, teaching methodology and audiological services create an amazing opportunity for your child to thrive now and throughout their lives.”

John Porteous, CCHAT Board Member

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