Jeanie Simpson

Jeanie Simpson

From the time I first visited CCHAT, I realized the importance of this school. My passion for teaching children and helping all children succeed, grew even more when I was there. I feel ALL children deserve this opportunity, and when I was asked if I would be interested in serving on the Board, I was thrilled with the opportunity to give back to my grandson's (Kevin) first education center. Now I am all about educating other people and spreading the word about this wonderful total-language center. I only wish all children could have such a fantastic learning experience with such an enriched language program.

Our grandson failed the newborn hearing screening at the hospital. We learned he was profoundly deaf. We found CCHAT, and Kevin began to attend. This was as important a place for Kevin, as it was for his parents.

When Kevin was nine and a half months old, he was bilaterally implanted with cochlear implants. They were activated one month later. Kevin continued with his classes at CCHAT, and I observed both his classes and speech education. As a retired teacher and speech major, I soon realized how fortunate we were to have CCHAT so near to us. Kevin’s mother learned how to interact with Kevin and continue his education daily at home. His speaking and listening skills developed and Kevin graduated from CCHAT when he turned four.

He has developed into a confident student who has competed in Destination Imagination competition, and won first place at the state level and attended the World Globals three times. He plays many sports and is on a swim and volleyball team. He is extremely creative and often makes YouTube videos. I am also happy to say that Kevin earned his Eagle Scout Award in the Fall of 2021. His project was landscaping the front of CCHAT to give it a clean look and address safety needs. Kevin wanted to give back to the school that helped develop him into a successful student. So Far, Kevin has had no obstacles in accomplishing anything he desires.

I am grateful for CCHAT and treasure the opportunity to help other children benefit from its program.