Diane Durston

Diane Durston

In 1972 my life changed. I was armed with a history degree from Stanford and ready to change the world, but I wasn’t sure how. One day I visited a local school where a woman was teaching preschoolers. But this wasn’t just any school and these weren’t just any preschoolers. The children were profoundly deaf and they were talking to each other. I spent the next decade teaching at the school, now called the Weingarten Children’s Center. Fast forward to 1996 when CCHAT first opened in a community center with 12 children, the first oral school in Sacramento. For the next 17 years I sang and talked and laughed and shared in the joy and incredible success of the children at CCHAT. My passion and love for this school has never changed where miracles happen over and over again. I am honored to be a member of the board. I will continue to support this school in whatever way possible and share the message that profoundly deaf children can and do learn to listen and talk.

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