CCHAT Center - Sacramento was founded to teach children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk. Through parent participation and intensive training and teaching, the children enrolled in the CCHAT Center - Sacramento receive a high quality education. The focus is on a team approach with the teacher, therapist, and family working together to achieve one common goal. That goal is for children to leave the center and transition back into their elementary schools and participate in regular education classes with their hearing peers. Academic progress is tracked by progress reports, report cards, and IEP/IFSP benchmarks and annual goals as appropriate.

Baby & Me Programs

The Parent, Infant and Toddler Program offers training, guidance and support to parents of the very youngest deaf and hard of hearing children while teaching them the foundation for their child's speech and language development. Participation can start immediately after early diagnosis. The "Baby and Me" playgroup class is held once a week for 1-2 hours and involves infant and parent participation. Also included are individual speech, language and auditory therapy, cochlear implant and hearing aid training and support, parent education, and a parent support network.

Toddler, Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Programs

CCHAT Center - Sacramento offers preschool programs for children from 2 months to 5 years of age. The staff creates a supportive learning environment that follows the child's developmental age and individual learning styles.

  • Subjects and skills are integrated, not taught separately.
  • Learning takes place through active exploration and interaction with people and materials.
  • Children are given choices.
  • Change with a positive purpose
  • Teachers foster competence and independence.

The classes provide additional instruction that is unique to each child's needs. The standard auditory/oral program is enhanced by use of pre-reading and pre-math skills parallel to that taught in public school.

Each student who attends the Preschool program receives daily speech, language, and listening therapy. Other aspects of the CCHAT Center's programs are offered in our daily music program that utilizes Rhythmic Phonetics and other innovative methods to enhance the development of speech and language skills. Consultation and diagnostic services are also available.

Kindergarten & Primary Grade Programs

CCHAT Center - Sacramento is certified by the State of California to provide school based services for children through 2nd grade. All classes have a low student teacher ratio. Class size ranges from two to ten students, depending upon the lesson or activity. This ensures that individualized attention is devoted to the promotion of speech, language, listening, and thinking skills. The Center currently has kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms.

In the elementary programs state approved reading and math curriculums are used. Instruction is guided by CCHAT Center - Sacramento's thematic unit outline and by the California Content Standards. Instruction and achievement is monitored through regular assignments and feedback is provided to students and parents through progress reports, parent conferences, and report cards.

CCHAT Center - Sacramento provides high quality standard aligned text books and instructional materials for each student. All instructional materials and text books in each core subject are current and in good condition. Students in the primary grades participate in a physical education program that meets state standards.

Mainstream Support Programs

CCHAT Center - Sacramento operates to teach children who are deaf and hard of hearing to listen and talk and transition them into a regular education setting. Staff is committed to developing the speech, language, listening, thinking, and social skills that will allow the child to have a successful mainstream experience. Families are guided in choosing the appropriate educational placement as their child enters the mainstream experience and the school will provide mainstream support services to ensure success and assist as necessary. Additional mainstream support services are provided on an as needed basis depending upon the unique individual needs of the child.

Extended School Year Program

CCHAT Center - Sacramento has a 15 day extended year program. We provide opportunities for each student to work in large and small group settings with hearing peers &/or siblings in a fun, less-structured environment. The same IEP/IFSP expectations are held for each student, but it is "camp" and we want them to perceive this time as different and special for them. Older students (Pre-K, Kindergarten, & Primary) will have the opportunity to work with a number of teachers throughout the day. This is a good opportunity for students to generalize what they have learned during the school year to other situations and different people. Younger students remain with one teacher throughout the camp day. Students continue to attend individual therapy during summer camp.

Extracurricular Programs

All families are encouraged to involve their children in mainstream activities. Participation in activities that will provide involvement with hearing peers will broaden each student's social horizons and provide an opportunity to practice the listening and talking skills emphasized at the CCHAT Center. This will help pave the way for mainstreaming. CCHAT faculty members work with parents to identify ways to mainstream their children in age and level appropriate activities.

Parent Support & Education

All CCHAT parents are invited to educational group meetings held five times a year. Topics include child development, behavior management, dealing with feelings, using books to stimulate language development, toileting issues, devices for deaf and hearing-impaired children, and causes of childhood deafness. Staff and guest speakers present the meetings. Panels of other parents of older children as well as panels of older hearing-impaired students may answer questions for the parent group. Childcare and dinner is provided for kids while parents attend the educational meetings. Parents of children in the Baby & Program have the opportunity for monthly individual education sessions with a teacher in the Family Center. Parents of children of all ages are encouraged to observe their child's program, talk with the teacher, and meet with the principal. Parents may invite other family members or care providers to tour the school.