Clinical Services

On Site Audiological Services

CCHAT is committed to ensuring continuous use of appropriate devices for each child's optimal use of residual hearing.

CCHAT teachers are experts in today's listening technologies. All of them have an understanding of what each child can hear through his or her device/s. All are trained to make the best use of classroom sound-field and fm systems that bring sound and voices directly to the children. Our teaching staff has the expertise and the state-of-the-art equipment to ensure each child derives maximum benefit from hearing aids and cochlear implants to give each child the best possible educational advantage.

The CCHAT teachers are assisted by a comprehensive school pediatric audiology program. Services include hearing aid and cochlear implant component analysis, programming, repair and loaner hearing aids, and a pediatric audiologist serving the school children on the premises.

CCHAT's pediatric audiologist works with the coordinating teachers and children to ensure optimal use of residual hearing in combination with the listening device being used, whether a cochlear implant or a hearing aid or both.

The children's hearing aids are regularly analyzed to check frequency response, power output and distortion characteristics. Loaner hearing aids and replacement equipment for external cochlear implant components are readily available at CCHAT so no child misses a moment of learning.

Speech, Language & Listening Therapy

At CCHAT daily individual therapy sessions for each child are provided for a minimum of 30 minutes four times a week. This is an integral part of our educational program and provides the opportunity to integrate audition, cognition, speech, and language. Students attend pragmatic group therapy one time per week. Parents are expected to participate in each individual therapy session in the Baby & Me Program and participate at least on a weekly basis for Toddler through Primary grades, in the classroom and in therapy. Diagnostic services, as well as therapy services, are available for children with hearing impairment not enrolled in the school.

Speech & Language Assessment

Student speech, language, and listening progress is reported to the student's parents and LEA through reports which include: assessment results (including standardized assessments, teacher observations, performance assessments, language samples, etc. ), present levels of performance, and quarterly progress on annual goals and/or benchmarks as required by the student's IEP/IFSP.

Students are encouraged to make "adequate" progress in their language development. CCHAT defines this as: A child with optimal amplification should make at least one year of language progress in one year's time. While the professional and parents should set and maintain high expectations, consideration should also be given to the unique life circumstances of each child.

To arrange for an educational assessment and/or a tour of the CCHAT Center, contact Chris Bruzoni at 916-361-7290.